luni, 13 februarie 2017


        I enjoyed the "movement" category very much because I got the chance to play with lots of poses that are essential in the way characters express themselves. I also loved playing with different body shapes such as athletic manly bodies, effeminate male type of body, muscular and plump female figures and also warriors.  



Dance and Fitness


I probably had the most fun in this category as I chose to draw a Dacian battling a Roman because they were the ancestors of Romanians and I always love to offer a little bit of my country's culture through my art.


  In this category I have tried to draw environments/objects in both 1 point perspective as well as 2 point perspective. Although I was afraid at first because I did not have much experience regarding these types of drawings I did enjoy this challenge. 

Most of them are inspired from photos I have found on the internet and decided to base my perspective study on them, while the drawing of the city is inspired from a tutorial I found on youtube a while ago and it was very useful to me in order to learn how to draw a city environment in 2 point perspective. 

I also wanted to add a drawing of an object which depicts a traditional Romanian oven. I chose this because I consider it an important symbol of family, warmth, peace and stability. 

               This category includes rough sketches of people in real life situations and in a variety of poses, as well as longer studies. I decided to post both drawings in pencil and digital ones.  


 I also wanted to add a middle category of more defined sketches that is closer to a longer study. 

Long studies

And 2 portraits